Motorways in Croatia

Motorways in Croatia are marked with the letter A (croatian: Autoceste). Currently, in Croatia there are 13 motorway sections named A1 to A13. There are following sections:

  •   A1 – Motorway: Zagreb (Lučko) – Split – Dubrovnik
  •   A2 – Motorway: Macelj (border crossing with Slovenia) – Zagreb (Jankomir)
  •   A3 – Motorway: Bregana (border crossing with Slovenia) – Zagreb – Lipovac (border crossing with Serbia)
  •   A4 – Motorway: Goričan (border crossing with Hungary) – Zagreb (Ivanja Reka)
  •   A5 – Motorway: Branjin Vrh (border crossing with Hungary) – Svilaj (border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  •   A6 – Motorway: Bosiljevo – Rijeka (Orehovica)
  •   A7 – Motorway: Rupa (border crossing with Slovenia) – Rijeka – Žuta Lokva
  •   A8 – Motorway: Kanfanar – Matulji
  •   A9 – Motorway: Kaštel (border crossing with Slovenia) – Umag – Pula
  • A10 – Motorway: Ploce – Metković (near a border crossing Nova Sela – Bijaći with Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • A11 – Motorway: Zagreb (Jakuševec) – Sisak
  • A12 – Motorway: Sveta Helena – Gola (border crossing with Hungary)
  • A13 – Motorway: Vrbovec – Terezino Polje (border crossing with Hungary)

The total network of Croatian motorways and expressways with toll is 1288.5 kilometers long. Some motorways are completed, while others are still under construction and in operation only partially. Current status of motorway construction is shown in the following map:

Highways in Croatia

Map of highways in Croatia

In Croatia, the system does not use vignettes valid for a certain period, but individual motorways are charged at the toll booth, where it registers entrance and exit point on which tolls are charged. Tolls can be paid:

  • in cash with Croatian national currency (HRK – Croatian kuna), EUR, USD and CHF
  • VISA, Master Card, Maestro, Diners Card, American Express, INA card
  • prepaid (smart) cards: ARZ smart card, AZM smart card and Bina-Istra card
  • smart card issued to disabled people entitled to free use of highways
  • supplementary tolls via sms or web portal
  • the motorway section in the report franchisees HAC, ARZ, Bina – Istra is also used electronic toll billing system (ENC), in which it is necessary to install ENC system in the car that the monitoring system receives signals transmitted from the car and registered tolls.Toll paid by the vehicle owner once a month based on invoices sent to him or deducted from a pre-paid account.

Price list of the toll highway can be found at the following links:

Croatian motorways are in concession with four companies – Hrvatske Autoceste doo (HAC), Autocesta Rijeka – Zagreb doo (ARZ), Bina Istra dd and Autocesta Zagreb – Macelj doo (AZM), taking care of their maintenance. More information on Croatian motorways can be found at the Croatian motorways concessionaires association with the fee (HUKA), the sites of individual franchisees as well as on the website of the Croatian Automobile Club (HAK):