Festival "Music and the words" Konavle

Festival “Music and the words” Konavle

Festival “Music and words” (Festival “Glazba i riječ“)

Location: Cavtat   Date: 1.6. – 30.6.2014

The festival offers music, drama and dance performances from local arts groups which are held at ambient stages throughout Croatian region Konavle.


Zagreb Tourfilm Festival

Location: Zagreb   Date: 5.6. – 7.6.2014

International festival of tourism films that present various tourist attractions – tourist destination, adventure, extreme sports, sailors, rural-tourism, culture and traditions, people, hotels and tourist resorts, etc..


Festival of street entertainers (Festival uličnih zabavljača)

Location: Split   Date: 16.06. – 28.6.2014

International festival of street entertainers in Split organized since 2007. Artists, street entertainers and informal art groups from 16 countries cheer people on six different locations in Split.


International Children’s festival (Međunarodni Dječji Festival)

Location: Šibenik   Date: 21.06. – 7.5.2014

Since 1958, Šibenik annually will host children from many countries of the world, there to celebrate a child’s imagination and creativity. The festival focuses on meeting children’s ensembles, creative workshops and education of children in aesthetic education.


Liburnija jazz festival, Opatija

Liburnija jazz festival, Opatija

INmusic Festival

Location: Zagreb   Date: 23.6. – 25.6.2014

Next edition INmusic festival, which in the past deserves several international awards, being held on the Isle of Youth, a known location in Zagreb Jarun recreational area. As in the past, many legendary names of the world’s popular music scene will perform.


Casanova fest

Location: Vrsar   Date: 26.6. – 28.6.2014

The festival organized in Giacomo Casanova’s honor, who between 1743 and 1744 visited Vrsar, celebrates love and eroticism through different art forms – books evenings, exhibitions, lectures, film projections and musical events.


Kairos Festival

Location: Trogir   Date: 27.6. – 29.6.2014

Another called “Festival of happy moments” (“Festival sretnog trenutka”) and this year together artists of all art forms by artists, actors, dancers, street entertainers who filled the streets and squares of Trogir.


Lavender Festival (Festival Lavande)

Location: Velo Grablje, island of Hvar   Date: 28.6. – 29.6.2014

Bottle of essential oil and fragrant lavender sachet of Hvar are already years ago, the symbol of the island of Hvar. During the event, you can enjoy a variety of lavender products, pet food, exhibitions, concerts and learn to distill this fragrant herbs.


Split Festival, Split

Split Festival, Split

The Split Festival

Location: Split   Date: 4.7. – 6.7.2014

Croatian pop music festival is one of the most popular domestic festivals that since the early 1960s held in the square Splitske Prokurative.


Liburnija Jazz Festival

Location: Opatija   Date: 4.7. – 6.7.2014

If you’re an avid jazz fan, Opatija is the place for you. Festival’s idea is to bring jazz music to a wider audience. During the event you can take in the arts world talented virtuosos, or actively participate in jazz workshops.


Musical Evenings at st. Donat (Glazbene večeri u Sv. Donatu)

Location: Zadar   Date: 5.7. – 15.8.2014

Magnificence and impressive acoustics church. Donatus are the reasons why this classical music festival takes place right here. The event, organized within Zadar’s musical evenings, presents the music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods.


Festival of Dalmatian “a cappella” churches (Festival dalmatinskih klapa)

Location: Omiš   Date: 6.7. – 26.7.2014

Autochthonous Dalmatian music in recent years, is experiencing a renaissance. Also thanks to the cloister of the festival, which more than three decades protects traditional sounds and collects the best “Klapsko” churches, its popularity spreads far beyond Dalmatia.


Festival of Dalmatian "a cappella" churches, Omiš

Festival of Dalmatian “a cappella” churches, Omiš

Dubrovnik Summer Festival (Dubrovačke ljetne igre)

Location: Dubrovnik   Date: 10.7. – 25.8.2014

It is the oldest Croatian festival, which since 1956 builds its unique position between Croatian and European festivals. During this, you can enjoy top musical and dramatic performances in squares and palaces of Dubrovnik.


Pula – Feature Film Festival (Pula – Festival igranog filma)

Location: Pula   Date: 12.7. – 26.7.2014

Thanks to screenings taking place at the magnificent historic Kastela and the ancient amphitheater Arena in Pula this is a film festival of international importance, which represent the latest movie hits of domestic and world’s cinematography.


Hartera Festival

Location: Rijeka   Date: 18.7. – 19.7.2014

In the old paper mill premises Hartera each year erased the boundaries between music and adventure. Wandering the premises and factory halls, refreshment creations of modern artists, enjoy dance music in company of cheerful people.


Festival of dance and non-verbal theater (Festival plesa i neverbalnog kazališta)

Location: Svetvinčenat   Date: 18.7. – 22.7.2014

International festival presenting contemporary dance, nonverbal theater, street teather, mimes, circus but also highly educational seminars with the participation of dance professionals and amateurs will be held in the romantic medieval town Svetvinčenat.


Festival of dance and non-verbal theater, Svetvinčenat

Festival of dance and non-verbal theater, Svetvinčenat

Motovun Film Festival

Location: Motovun   Date: 25.7. – 30.7.2014

The picturesque Istrian town on a steep hill is an idyllic place for a film festival, which ignores the commercialization and grown independent film scene of the current international production. Daytime projections and the accompanying program are the guarantee of top entertainment.


Jazz & Blues Festival

Location: Vodice   Date: 29.7. – 30.7.2014

Vodice is known for its nightlife, but in recent years, offering a bit more serious experience. Jazz & Blues Festival, where the most eminent Croatian and world musicians, offers besides classical and jazz rhythms of swing, Dixieland, Fusion and free jazz.



Location: Pićan   Date: 1.8. – 3.8.2014

Medieval streets of the town during Pićan Legendfest feel the atmosphere of bygone eras. Istria is full of rumors, legends and myths, whose story takes place in the mountains and forests of Istria, and in Pićan costumed performances are presented by various theater groups.


Starigrad Paklenica Film Festival

Location: Starigrad – Paklenica   Date: 2.8. – 7.8.2014

Relive the unique combination of mountain Velebit Adriatic Sea allows international festival of music documentary that film productions, concerts and meetings with artists taking place in the beautiful locations of Velka and Mala Paklenica.


Film forum festival, Zadar

Film forum festival, Zadar

Forum Film Festival

Location: Zadar   Date: 23.8. – 29.8.2014

International Film Festival, focusing on European co-production has been held since 2010. Numerous audience has the opportunity to enjoy the film productions in various places of the historical center of Zadar, which during the festival transforms the great cinema.


Epidaurus Festival

Location: Cavtat   Date: 1.9. – 30.9.2014

International festival of music and art, which is founded and managed by Dubrovnik’s young pianist Ivana Marija Vidovic. The festival offers concerts of classical music and jazz, theatre performances, exhibitions, lectures and courses for young artists established with the participation of professionals from Croatia and abroad.


Baroque Festival Korčula (Korčula Baroque Festival)

Location: Korčula   Date: 6.9. – 13.9.2014

Korčula festival represents the peak of Baroque composers from Croatia and Europe presented by domestic and foreign ensembles and soloists. In addition to music, it aims to promote cultural heritage of the city of Korčula.



Location: Poreč   Date: 12.9. – 14.9.2014

The historical festival of Giostra visitors back to the distant past, Poreč, precisely in 1672, when the streets of the city held a feast “Fiera franca triduana” in which participants competed in shooting a bow, dances and folk games, the main attraction was the horse races “Giostra”.


Festival Giostra, Poreč

Festival Giostra, Poreč