Northern Dalmatia

Dalmatia is one of the oldest regional concepts in Croatia. First mentioned in the 8th century BC as the region between the mountains and the river Cetina Promina, inhabited by Illyrian Dalmati breed, which was founded by the Roman Emperor Augustus. Borders of Dalmatia in the past have often changed in certain periods along with the territories of neighbouring countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania). By the end of the first world war Dalmatia function as a separate region of Austria-Hungary, that in later years became part of Yugoslavia after its breakup remained part of independent Croatia.

Today the region of Dalmatia includes the area from the north Velebit mountain range in the south of Croatia Konavle, while seizing the islands adjacent to this area. In terms of tourism Dalmatia is divided into North Dalmatia, Central Dalmatia and South Dalmatia.

Administrative and tourist centre of northern Dalmatia are the cities of Zadar and Sibenik with important historical monuments and numerous cultural events. Of the largest islands North Dalmatian mention Dugi Otok, Ugljan, Pasman, Murter and Vir. Of the smaller islands that are Prvić, piers, Iz and islands Kornati archipelago. Attractive attraction for tourists, digestive holiday in Northern Dalmatia, in particular the surrounding national parks (Kornati, Krka and Paklenica) and nature parks (Velebit, Vrana Lake, Telaščica).

Tourist information on the Northern Dalmatia

  • Accommodation North Dalmatia: private accommodation, hotels, luxury villa, pets welcome, accomodation by the beach, family holidays
  • Important tourist centers of Northern Dalmatia: Zadar, Sibenik, Vodice, Biograd, Rogoznica, Primosten, Novigrad (Dalmatian), Starigrad – Paklenica, Krka Skradin
  • Significant cultural heritage of Northern Dalmatia: the Church. Donatus, St. Paul’s Cathedral. Anastasia and building Arsenal in Zadar, Zadar main street Kalelarga, St. Paul’s Cathedral. James in Sibenik, Sibenik 4 strength (Sv. Nikola, Vol. Mihovilj, Sv. Ivan, Šubićevac), tensile Knin, Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on the hill Okit the drivers, Roman camp Burnum on Krka river, Church of Assumption in Rogoznica , St. George in Primosten, Fortica fortress of Novigrad with Roman Castrum Novum tower, Church of Our Lady of Tarac the Kornati islands, the Byzantine fortress on Tureta Korn, Fort St. Michael Ugljane the old town center of Skradin Krka
  • Natural Attractions Northern Dalmatia: National Park Paklenica, National Park Kornati National Park Krka with island Visovac and 7 waterfalls, canyons and rivers Zrmanja Krupa, Nature Park Vrana lake with ornithological reserve, Park Telašćica with lake Mir, Velebit Nature Park, canyons Great and Mala Paklenica, avian oasis Park Solana Nine, Novigrad Sea, Modrić Cave in place Rovanjska, caves Cerovačke care and Manita Peć in Velebit, Prukljanského lake on the river Krka, the island Logorun reservation with donkeys, lake Zmajevo eye in Rogoznica, coral island Zlarin , curative mud at the beach in rabbit Nine in Karinsko seas and bays Zablaće, Pirovac, Sapavac and Boka, botanical reserve Saljsko polje on the island of Dugi Otok, the “island of love” Galešnjak
  • Other attractions of Northern Dalmatia: Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun in Zadar, Mestrovic mausoleum in OTAVICE, Etnoland Dalmati Pakovo in the village Selo, bungee jumping on the Sibenik bridge and the bridge Maslenica, Waterpark Solaris, Falconry Centre Dubrava, Krapanj monastery with museum sponge ethno-village Draga, a network of stone Bucavac in Primosten vineyards with wine roads, Winetta Starigrad Museum, Buffalo Bill in place Vrsi City Aquarium, drivers, old water mills on the river Krka
  • Major events Northern Dalmatia: Zadar The Garden Festival, Festival of street art KalelargArt in Zadar, Zadar Music Evenings in the Church of Sts. Donatus, eco-music festival Terraneo in Sibenik, International Children’s Festival in Sibenik, Evenings of Dalmatian chanson in Sibenik, nautical fair Adriatic Boat Show in Sibenik, Jazz festival in Vodice, lotion “festa”, Croatian Harley Davidson days in Biograd na Moru, Primoštenska “užance”, Novigrad Jazz evenings, Ultra Trail Race Velebit, Paklenica Starigrad Film Festival, international competition in fishing Big Game Fishing in Murter, file regattas Latin Sail on Murter and Pašman channel folk festivals on the island of Dugi Otok Saljsko “užance” procession Boat on the feast of Our Lady of Tarac (Island Murter – Kornati)
  • Dalmatian cuisine specialties: Dalmatian “pasticada”, specialty shells arka of Pasman – eg. Arky Buzara, Skradin cake, wine Benkovac, Zadar Maraschino cherry liqueur, dessert wine Marastina from around the driver, Primosten red wine Babic, Flower of salt Nina, Nin “Sokol”, catfish, carp and eel from Lake Vrana, mussels and fish lubin of brackish lakes of the river Krka, drnišský and Posedarje prosciutto, sausage Sibenik “luganige” specialty mussel shells – pate, soup, stew, bread and cakes, fish “brodet”, sweet cakes “prispalji”, dried squid, octopus” under the bell “specialty eggs of sea urchins, fish baked in a crust of salt shells” Buzara “fried squid” koprlje “from lamb offal, Oskorušová jam, jujube brandy, liqueur roses