Customs regulations

Croatia border crossing

Measures of customs control is transferred over passengers traveling from the Republic of Croatia / EU to third countries or from third countries to the Republic of Croatia / EU of goods which, when it transported..

Customs control measures are not transferred over the goods transported passengers between the EU member countries.

Regarding customs legislation relating to objects and goods (personal baggage, food, camping equipment including eg. Portable televisions, laptop computers, cameras, camcorders, etc.) That tourists usually imported into the customs territory of Croatia are governed by provisions which allow unimpeded import of such goods, usually only the duties of his oral declaration to the customs officer on duty.

Imports of personal baggage to the customs territory of Croatia is not bounded by its value and quantity, and applies to each person – a passenger who enters the customs territory regardless of whether you carry with him or be sent separately.

Articles of personal baggage, irrespective of their individual or total value (excluding quantitative border for certain products, which will be discussed later), are exempt from customs duties on imports into Croatia.

The personal luggage may be brought following products in prescribed quantities are exempt from payment of duty:

1. tobacco products:

  • 200 cigarettes, or
  • 100 cigarillos (cigars net weight 3 g each), or
  • 50 cigars, or
  • 250 g of tobacco, or
  • combination of the corresponding quantity specified tobacco products;

2. alcohol and alcoholic beverages:

  • 1 l of alcohol and alcoholic beverages with an alcohol fraction greater than 22% or undenatured ethyl alcohol fraction greater than 80%;
  • 2 l of alcohol and alcoholic beverages with an alcohol fraction less than 22%;
  • combination of the corresponding amount of prompting alcohol and alcoholic beverages;
  • 4 l of still wine;
  • 16 l of beer;

3. perfumes up to 50 ml and eau de toilete up to 25 ml;

4. medicines and medical products in an amount necessary for the personal needs of the traveling submitting medical records – in the opinion of the Ministry of Health and Welfare for essential medicines is considered the amount needed to a maximum monthly consumption;

5. homeopathic products (tea, tinctures, drops, ampoules, capsules, ointments, creams, etc.) – One package.

Passengers under age 17 do not have the right to import goods in the personal luggage persuaded in paragraphs 1 and 2.

For import personal luggage only requires oral customs declaration, ie objects should be only oral report (declare) the customs officer.

Subjects nekomerciálnej nature, type and quantity, not intended for resale, but for the personal needs of the passenger and his family members are also exempt from customs duties, provided their total value does not exceed 1000 HRK (Croatian kuna).

Food, irrespective of amount, must satisfy the regulations on food and are subject to review sanitary inspector at the border crossing. Imports of products of animal origin (meat and meat products, other products containing meat, eggs, milk, cheese and other dairy products, as well as edge animal animal origin) is free while under veterinary report when entering Croatia, depending on the country from which the quantities imported and placed on the person. The authorized amounts are listed in table 1 at the Croatian Ministry of the Interior on the following link:

Importing large quantities is possible only with ownership certificate prescribed veterinary services in the country from which food is imported and subject to mandatory veterinary report. All products which do not comply with those conditions, the passenger will be collected and disposed of by veterinary or sanitary inspection.

With regard to customs legislation, the following products shall also apply for exemption from customs duties and VAT-a to 300 HRK while the imports of products of greater value, it is necessary to clear customs debt.

Foreign currency and checks as well as checks and cash in HRK foreign travelers can import or export without limitation, but they are required to sign a customs official import or export of foreign currency amounts in consideration of € 10,000.00 or more. Taking out a foreign currency is limited exclusively to Croatian citizens – residents, at € 3,000.00 in cash, while larger amounts for export license is required from the Croatian National Bank (HNB). Import and export of domestic currency – HRK is limited to residents on the amount of 15,000.00 HRK, while imports or exports a greater amount subject to special authorization by the HNB.

Temporary import and export of pets (such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.) For a shorter period (hiking, vacation) is feasible over all crossings without veterinary inspection provided that the owner of private international animal health certificate and if you satisfy the other conditions depending on the type of pet and, depending on the country from which they are imported.

In addition to those exemptions under contract Supplement B6 Convention on the temporary importation of natural persons residing abroad may be temporarily exempted from import duties (subject to their re-export by) different subjects because of their use for personal needs and the needs of family members during a temporary stay in the customs territory of Croatia.

Under the personal objects means: camcorders, portable TV, audio devices, cameras, equipment for camping, surfing, diving, skiing, skating, hiking, camping cabins, boats, portable medical device (if necessary for the passenger).

Imports of these items shall be handled without special oral oral declaration of customs formalities at the border crossing. Re-exports of these objects are made the same way.

When traveling imported / exported from / to foreign professional equipment and valuable or special items at the entrance / exit to / from Croatia to him at the border crossing exceptionally under review by duty customs officer shall submit the completed form to the list of subjects. Thereto shall contain data on passenger and Detailed information about the subjects and one customs official certified copy serves passenger upon re-import / export as evidence that it is the same subject.

Vehicles (yachts, motor vehicles, etc.), Intended for temporary use in the customs territory of Croatia to re-export in the same condition (except for normal wear and tear, which arose from the use of these resources) may be temporarily imported under the temporary importation, to be taken without completing customs forms and guarantees if they meet the necessary conditions.

Especially reminded that the vehicles may be imported free of customs documents only if they are registered for a different area from the territory of temporary importation, the name of a person resident outside the territory of temporary admission and should be imported and used by a person who lives in that area.

Furthermore, care must be taken that are temporarily imported objects and means of transport shall pay to use other persons or used for other purposes. If you can be of use to other persons or used for other purposes, it is a customs offense.

For further information about customs regulations relating to import / export to / from Croatia:

  • personal luggage,
  • objects nekomerciálnej nature
  • food
  • pets,
  • weapons
  • cultural works,
  • wild fauna and wild flora,
  • drugs and intoxicating resources
  • foreign currencies,
  • vehicles,

as well as information on VAT refunds and paid-for and bought in Croatia Croatia exported products (only to countries outside the EU) can be found on the Croatian Customs Administration: