In addition to hotels and guesthouses with half or full board accommodation, restaurants, pubs, inns, taverns, pizzerias and “fast food” restaurants can be found in all cities, tourist centres and along main roads. For gourmets, however, restaurants and pubs offering home-cooked “Croatian cuisine” are most interesting. All animal products are under continuous health supervision and subject to the same rules that apply in other European Union countries, so do not be afraid to try any of the available local specialties.

The term “Croatian cuisine” is too broad. As in other countries, although there are differences in the preparation of meals between regions. Continental cuisine around the capital Zagreb and Slavonia is closer to the more northern parts of Europe, while the cuisine of Dalmatia, Istria and Kvarner still can be called mediterranean. And it healthy Mediterranean cuisine is one of the biggest perks for tourists, digestive your summer vacation on the Adriatic coast.

Whether it’s appetizerssoupsmain dishes and desserts, the basis for their preparation are almost exclusively in Croatia grown or raised ingredients. An essential part of the best restaurants offer freshly caught fish and seafood – octopus, lobsters, squid, mussels, shrimp, etc.., Whose simple yet healthy and tasty way of preparing would probably not have been possible without the use of lots of vegetables. Almost mandatory for raw materials used in most recipes is good quality virgin olive oil.

Finally, the feast would be complete if you have not tried it on some of the quality Croatian wines Istrian and Dalmatian autochthonous grape sort, domestic brandy (rakija) or some of the local liqueurs – orechovicu, cherry spirit, pink liquor or liqueur and honey (medica) . And if you catch them when they return home nostalgia, you’ll always be able to summon your memories of Croatia, at least so that you according to our recipes prepare some of the dishes that you had the opportunity to taste during their holiday. Enjoy your meal!