Kvarner Bay is a bay in the north-eastern part of the Adriatic Sea, between the peninsula of Istria and the Croatian seaside. The largest Kvarner islands are Krk, Cres, Losinj, Rab and Pag, not forgetting the smaller islands like Unije, Susak, Ilovik, Plavnik, Prvić, Vol. Grgur, Goli otok and others. Kvarner bay sea is compared with the open portion of the upper Adriatic relatively deep (about 100 m), which allowed the development of major shipping routes and the largest Croatian port in Rijeka.

Tourist region of the Kvarner Bay in addition to the said islands includes part of the coast, which falls under the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County Council. Of the most important tourist centers mention of Rijeka – administrative and cultural center of Kvarner, Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski, Kraljevica, Senj and Novalja on the island Pag with known Zrče Beach. Famous city of Opatija, fashionable resort spa tourism, already in the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy or gather other important personalities from the political and cultural life of the monarchy.

An important tourist center, which although not connected with the sea but it is undoubtedly geographically and transport back to the Kvarner is the mountain region of Gorski Kotar known to lovers of hiking National Park Northern Velebit and peak Bjelolasica. Other popular tourist destinations around the National Park Plitvice Lakes National Park Northern Velebit. Tourist offer of the Kvarner region complementary to the valley of the rivers Dobra and Kupa, which in recent years used for canoeing, kayaking, rafting and sport fishing.

Tourist Information about Kvarner

  • Kvarner accommodation: private accommodation, hotels, luxury villa, pets welcome, accommodation at the beach, family holidays
  • Major tourist resorts of Kvarner: Rijeka, Opatija, Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski, Kraljevica, Senj, Novalja (island of Pag), Rab (Island Rab), Mali Losinj (island of Losinj), Krk (island of Krk)
  • Significant cultural heritage of Kvarner: medieval fortress Trsat in Rijeka Cathedral. Vida in Rijeka, wooden Gašparov mill in Martin’s piglet, historic town Kastav, Monastery. James in Opatija, Zrinski castle on the river Kupa, castles Bribir, Drivenik and Grižane, the remains of the old mansion Ad Turres in Crikvenica, Glass Chapel Omari, uskocská strength Nehaj in Senj, castles Stari grad and Frankopan in Kraljevici, four bell tower – symbol of Rab , Annunziata church in Mali Lošinj, a Vrbnik on Krk – conservation area, the Arsan Palace in Cres
  • Natural attractions of Kvarner: Mountain Gorski Kotar with the top Bjelolasica, National Park Northern Velebit National Park Plitvice Lakes National Park Northern Velebit mountain Mala band, Nature Park Velebit Botanical Park Villas Angiolina in Opatija, Kupa and Dobra, Omladinsko Lake, Valley Vinodolski , Creske ornithological reserve at Beli (vulture), fjord Zavratnica, rainforest Štirovača, Tribaljsko lake, Kavranovo Lake, ornithological reserve Velo Blato in Pag, a protected nature reserve Dundo to Rabe
  • Other attractions of Kvarner: Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat in Rijeka Astronomy Centre on the hill above Rijeka Sveti Kriz ramp for launching torpedoes in Rijeka, ski center Platak, racing Grobnik in Čavle, Opatija sea promenade Lungomare, bay Preluk for surfers Aquarium in Crikvenica island Goli communist labor camps, Adrenalin Park in Crikvenica, Museum of Salt and salt depots in Pag, Novalja Zrce at the beach party, BASSKO Walk Glagolitic, medicinal mud in bays and Soline Klimno on the island of Krk
  • Major events of Kvarner: from Vinkovci Carnival International festival of small scene in Rijeka, festivals Fiumara, Malikfest, Summer at Gradina Hartera in Rijeka, LIBURNIJA Jazz Festival in Opatija, LIBURNIJA Film Festival in Opatija, Kvarner and the Vienna Festival Week in Opatija, Day Ad TURRES in Crikvenica, folk markets (Sr) ethno Selce GMT, Fishing Week in Crikvenica, International Summer Carnival in Novi Vinodolski and Senji, Uskocské festival days in Senji, Pag Carnival, the feast and sunset fjera, Osor musical evenings on Cres, Fair Lovrečeva the neck
  • Specialities of the Kvarner cuisine: Salty loaves “Skura”, Primorsky pot “Batude”, Rabská cake, “Štrukli” in the seaside way, Krčská “pijanci”, dumplings “šurlice” or “valjušci” coastal “fritule” Frankopan cake, shrimp from Places Opatija, Lovran chestnuts, cherry pie from Lovran, valomet – sparkling wine from the island of Krk, krčské Vrbnička žlahtina wine, sparkling wine Bakarska driver, Velebit honey, herb brandy Velebit “travarica” ​​Pag cheese, Pag lamb, salt Pag, Pag biscuits “baskotin” specials Bay – Trojišćina wine, aromatic liqueur made from honey, carob or blackberry, domestic soft cheese “skuta” Fish gelatine “zaladija”, dried mutton “Udiča” specialties of sage and lavender